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Work easily in extreme temperatures with quality flue dampers

Want to purchase brand-new industrial dampers for your boiler systems? The flue dampers that Hoogenboom Valves has on offer provide optimal performance with a guaranteed long-term service life. This company has well over three decades of experience in the field of design and production of industrial damper valves. As a highly respected player in the market, they have customers the world over, who flock to their business to enjoy high-quality work at competitive prices. Any boiler flue dampers you purchase from them are capable of withstanding tremendous temperatures and enduring very tough conditions. As a matter of fact, their product range even carries damper valves that can withstand temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius! For high-quality boiler flue dampers that are guaranteed to perform well, look no further than Hoogenboom Valves.

All parts designed with cutting edge 3D modeling software

Regardless of which damper you need for your industrial boiler, this company always delivers bespoke work. They use high-end 3D software to conceptualize the design, after which they can use this data to manufacture any flue damper type you might require. The type of damper you require is determined by the construction of your industrial boiler, but naturally the situation and environment in which it is used are also major factors in choosing the right part. Dampers can be constructed from various materials; stainless steel, but also many different alloys. In addition to material choice, Hoogenboom Valves also offers the choice between several types of valve, such as butterfly damper valves, blocking air damper valves, bypass or diverter damper valves. Should you need a unique damper built from scratch, they’ll get right on that for you. No matter if you choose custom work or buy from stock, any product they provide you with is competitively priced while being of superb quality.

Stay involved in the process

At Hoogenboom Valves they consider it very important that they clients are involved in the construction process. By taking you along every step of the way, you can give feedback at critical junctures, as a result of which they can adapt the design to your needs and integrate your own expert insights. As such, they design some of the most innovative industrial dampers on the market, that fit like a glove in their intended system. Interested in the possibilities? Then reach out to Hoogenboom Valves for more information.