When do you need abnormal load permits?


As a transportation company, you know that unusual loads require special abnormal load permits. However, what type of loads constitute an abnormal load? Per specialist company E.T.E., the definition of an abnormal or oversize load vary from country to country or even region depending on the legal dimensions and weights. However, these are loads that exceed the usual limit with regards to weight or size for a certain type of infrastructure. Sometimes the term abnormal load is also granted according to the load per axle limits. Examples of common abnormal loads that require permits are industrial equipment, construction machines or elements and even pre-built homes or containers.

How to receive your abnormal load permits quickly

Now you know when you need abnormal load permits, you are probably wondering how to get them in a timely manner so you can transport your equipment or other load. In that case, we advise you to rely on the expertise and experience of E.T.E. This is a leading Dutch company that helps arrange abnormal load permits throughout Europe. After all, applying for these permits requires a lot of effort and red tape. Luckily, this company has over 25 years of experience. They will help you speed up the process and make sure you do not forget anything that might get your application denied.

Get help with abnormal load permits and much more

Transporting an abnormal load generally requires more than applying for the right permits. To safely transport your load, you might also need a police convoy or a private convoy. An extensive route survey will also be necessary to avoid unwelcome surprises. These are all matters that E.T.E will gladly organise for you. They have an extensive network throughout the European continent to streamline this process. Thanks to their contacts with permit-issuing authorities, they can even provide you with up-to-date information regarding legislative developments and road maintenance. Don’t get stuck in red tape in fill out the permit application form on E.T.E.’s website. They will happily handle everything in your stead.