What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

When you are in the exciting stage of upgrading you house or moving to a new house, you may think about the opportunity of changing the way your house is heated and gets it’s energy from? After all, we have moved on from coal heated stoves to oil and gas powered heating systems and even electric heating systems. All of these are fossil fuel powered., so perhaps it is now time to look at the future?


But what are the advantages of underfloor heating?


Comfort conditions


First of all, lets look at the most important benefit of underfloor heating that you can enjoy for years to come: comfort! Underfloor heating turns the floor into a giant radiant surface. If you compare that to the several small and very hot surfaces of radiators then it is not hard to understand that with underfloor heating, you achieve an even heat distribution that eliminates cold spots, making for an all over luxury warmth.





The bigger radiant surface in combination with it’s position also makes that the heating system can be set to a much lower running temperature and that saves energy. Underfloor heating is the most efficient way to heat your home and can reduce your energy bill by up to 30%!


This can be a 100% of course if combined with renewable energy sources through heatpumps that take their energy from the ground, the water or the air. After all, the sun has put it there, so why not use it?


No radiators – more wall space


UFH is completely hidden from view, so there is nothing that hinders your view to the Scottish countryside. The systems of Incognito Underfloor heating Scotland also eliminates radiators potentially hazardous sharp edges and dangerously hot surfaces.



Smartphone compatible controls


With temperature control for each room, you are able to choose your heat settings remotely using a smartphone app.


Compatible with all floor covering


Design freedom is one of the key advantages of underfloor heating. This was one of the reasons that housing developer AMA homes choose underfloor heating in Edinburgh for their development of 25 luxury apartments at Fountainbridge in Edinburgh.


Incognito underfloor heating based in Falkirk, has been supplying underfloor heating systems in Scotland and the north of England for over ten years now and is looking forward to hearing from you!