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Use a sustainable solution like a belt dryer

The belt dryer is an ideal solution when you need to dry matter with a high moisture level. The heat of the belt dryer will turn the matter into a useable dry product without too much of effort. The material is transported on a moving conveyor belt, where the hot air is sucked through the material to dry it. Did you know that it is possible to achieve a sufficient dry result thanks to a flow of hot air around 50 °C? This makes the belt dryer one of the most sustainable drying solutions when there is a minimal drying capacity required.

In-house processes guarantee quality and quick delivery

At Dutch Dryers BV, belt dryers are developed and manufactured through in-house processes. Thanks to these production processes, optimal quality and quick delivery are ensured to the users of their dryers. They thought it was very important to create a sustainable drying solution that dries materials with using low value or residual heat. If you are in need of some inspiration about the function of dryers, make sure to check the realised projects on the website of Dutch Dryers BV. From drying alfalfa in Romania to drying sawdust in Spain – the possibilities of a belt dryer are endless.

Get an answer to your business case from drying specialists

Would you like to achieve your optimal drying results? Make sure to contact Dutch Dryers BV to work out your business case. Thanks to the specialisation in various dryers you are assured of a proper assessment. For example, it is possible to get a combination of a belt dryer and a drum dryer to achieve optimal results. Discuss your possibilities and requirements with one of the specialists at Dutch Dryers BV or receive a quote for your business case. Contact them by calling or fill in the contact form on their website.