Trust the expertise of a company specialized in a railway track construction process

Have you ever worked on the construction of a railway track? It is likely that you recognize the effort that comes with it. First of all, it requires a lot of planning due to the many components. That is why you trust the expertise of Stabirail. This company has made a machine to make the procedure of laying a railway track much more efficient. The use of a mobile milling machine, which they developed, makes that possible. It is a way to mill the concrete and make it perfect for the ballastless or slab tracks. By attaching the tracks directly to the concrete, they are more durable and less subject to deflection than the old wooden railways. The milling machine is operated by one man and makes the production of slab track railways more accurate.

A longer lifespan is guaranteed with slab tracks

In the past few years, the way of traveling has changed a lot over the years. However, tracks have not. They have stayed the same for all those years. You can imagine what our fast transport system does with these old, wooden tracks. It makes them less reliable and over the years they start to move. Stabirail developed a more secure way of the railway track laying procedure. They are specialized in construction and engineering. Their ballastless slab tracks rest on concrete. This concrete has been poured in a certain way to make it stronger. During the construction process of the railway, the track is directly attached to the concrete. This makes the tracks especially suitable for subway or metro construction, and it guarantees a longer lifespan.

How does the railway track laying procedure work?

Who knew that the construction process of a railway track is quite the same as a decade ago? A Belgium-based company upgraded the railway track construction process and laying procedure. Stabirail figured that using slab tracks instead of wooden sleepers had many advantages. Every day they are laying more kilometers of track. With the arrival of a milling machine, the production of the tracks is happening very smoothly. Due to the simplified railway track laying procedure, the tracks are safer than ever before. This construction process makes the railway track more reliable and lower in maintenance. Mounting rails was never this easy.