This is how your structure benefits from a Tuned Mass Damper

Do you own a structure that is slender? Things like flagpoles, chimneys or other slender structures? Than you no like no other that oscillation can occur very quickly. Strong wind, earthquakes and vortex shedding cause a lot of damage to those structures. With a high quality Tuned Mass Pamper made by Flow Engineering your slender structure is guaranteed of a solid system that reduces oscillation. This specialist is able to advise you when designing a new structure, provide solutions for existing structures and manufacture an entire Tuned Mass Damper system. Are you building a slender structure? Choose Flow Engineering.

Prevent dynamic problems of a Tuned Mass Damper

Oscillation can be a pain for a lot of different slender structures. That is why it is a good idea to prevent it in the designing phase. You do this by calling in the help of a specialist like Flow Engineering. They advise engineering firms, construction firms and other designers about the need of a Tuned Mass Damper or other damping solutions. By looking at drawings and other data of the planned structure, a plan is made to reduce the vibrations as much as possible. This is a good solution to prevent dynamic problems of the structure caused by strong winds, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon’s that can occur.

Use a Tuned Mass Damper to keep slender structures steady

Do you own any bridges, flagpoles, flares, stacks or other slender structures? Than it is a good idea to install a Tuned Mass Damper, engineered by a specialist called Flow Engineering. With a Tuned Mass Damper you reduce the oscillation. This makes the particular building less vulnerable to cross wind loads, waves and earthquakes. Flow Engineering is your partner in delivering a high quality Tuned Mass Damper for all kinds of structures. They are able to prevent dynamic problems in the design phase of new structures or to solve vibration problems in existing structures. A collaboration with this Tuned Mass Damper expert guarantees a reliable structure for every client.