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Transport and Transportation

This company takes care of your EU transport

Are you looking for a company to outsource your EU transport to? Y&O is the business partner for you! They offer (last-minute) quick solutions, are involved and offer great value for your money. Y&O has in-house experts that are flexible, personal, reliable, and adequate. Even if you might have a seemingly unfeasible request, this company does anything to provide the best solution in maritime, air or ground transport within the EU. Of course, combining some of these means of transport is also within their possibilities.

From fashion to high tech items – these experts transport everything

Whether you have fashion items, medical and health products, batteries or high tech items, Y&O has the perfect transport solution. Take chemicals for example; these are dangerous products that need accurate and safe transportation. A shipment with chemicals needs to be packaged adhering to strict guidelines. Would you like to store these products? Then it is crucial to be done in a safe and correct manner. Y&O has over twelve years of experience in EU transport and safe storage. Therefore, they are your perfect business partner for transporting and storing (dangerous) goods.

Are you in need of last-minute transport in the EU? No problem!

Does your shipment needs to be transported from Spain to Belgium? Are you in need of a capacious storage space in the Netherlands? Or do you need Y&O for something else? Please, do not hesitate to call them, send them an email, or request a quotation. The professional staff members offer the best solution for your EU transport, even if you need it last-minute. Like no other, they know the world of logistics never sleeps, so they assist you as well as possible. You enter a professional partnership that does not disappoint, for any type of transport you need.