Put your trust in the local knowledge of a global law network


Are you active in the global marketplace and are you in need of legal counsel? The global law network of LawExchange International is at your command. Especially in the global marketplace, entrepreneurs and owners of middle-market businesses may face problems with appropriate or necessary resources with law firms in your own country. Member firms that are affiliated with the law network provide the best high-quality legal advice for your situation.

High-quality legal counsel is guaranteed through clear protocols

Every member firm affiliated with the law network of LawExchange International strives for high-quality legal counsel. To ensure this quality throughout the global law network, the Referrals and Quality Assurance Protocols have been instituted. Every adjoined member firm is required to assure that clients’ needs are serviced across the world in a seamless and efficient matter. Below are the means to that end:

  • Referred work from every client needs to be clearly mapped out through clear delineation of sense of urgency, scope of work, budget and other understandings set forth in an engagement letter.
  • An attorney at one of the member firms in the law network is allowed to have preliminary consultations with other member firms on your behalf with no cost.
  • Integrity is of paramount importance to build and reinforce trust. The referred matters should be delivered on time and on budget. Moreover, efficient staffing should be available. In the unlikely event that time and budget cannot be met, advance communication with the client is mandatory.
  • The quality of the referred work is guaranteed through proper training and sufficient experience of the attorneys. 

Who are the member firms associated with LawExchange International?

The member firms that are associated with LawExchange International are, currently, 34 top law firms from all over the world. They are carefully selected on reputation and integrity, but most importantly on their commitment to exceptional client service. The international teams will support you through every legal dispute and provide the most detailed advice and service.