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Places To Visit In Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the largest city in German state and also the fifth largest city of Germany. Frankfurt is a global hub for transportation, culture, tourism, commerce and culture. It is the site of many European and global corporate headquarters. The beautiful sites to visit while being in Frankfurt include:


This is a complex of nine houses from Frankfurt city hall, and Römer is the Ferman word for Roman. In 1405, city council took possession of these houses from a wealthy merchant family. Later on, the middle house was connected with its neighbors. The newly crowned emperors held their banquets on the upper floor which is called Kaisersaal. During World War II, the Römer was slightly destroyed and rebuilt later.

Alte Oper

This former opera house was built in 1880 by an architect named Richard Lucae. This house was majorly damaged during World War II. It became a total wreck in the 1970s, later nicknamed Germany’s Most Beautiful Ruin. Due to public pressure, it was refurbished and later on got reopened in 1981.

Archäologischer Garten Frankfurt

The oldest parts of recovered buildings are contained in this garden. The Frankfurt Royal Palace and an ancient Roman settlement from 6th century are mainly recovered. After World War II, this garden was brought to light when the area was bombed heavily and it was rebuilt later. The garden stays open for general public.

Saint Paul’s Church

In 1848, due to the seat of the first democratically elected Parliament, Saint Paul’s Church became the national historic monument in Germany. This church wasn’t completed till 1833. Later on, Prussian troops ended the democratic experiment and the parliament was dissolved. The building again came in use for church services. After World War II, Saint Paul’s was partially destroyed, mostly the interior but it now has a modern appearance. Today this church is used for events and exhibitions as it was symbolically and quickly rebuilt after the war ended.


Frankfurt is one of the few European cities with remarkable number of skyscrapers; it contains 14 out of the total 15 skyscrapers all throughout Germany. Most skyscrapers are located near the city centre which connects to two areas. Skyscrapers in this city:

  • Commerbzbank Tower

  • Messeturm

  • Westend Tower

  • Main Tower

  • Tower 185

  • Trianon

  • Seat of the European Central Bank

  • Opernturm

  • Taunusturm

  • Silberturm

  • Westend Gate

  • Deutsche Bank I

  • Deutsche Bank II

  • Skyper


The tallest building is Commerzbank Tower which is 259.0 m (849.74 ft). It is said to be The European Union’s second tallest building.

There are also many budget hotels in Frankfurt; don’t forget to try out their luxury suites while discovering this city. Hotels in Frankfurt are affordable and can make your trip less hectic.  After all, we can say that Frankfurt contains some amazing places to visit and the view from those heights is aesthetic.

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