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Make use of the latest innovations for tree planting companies

If you are among those tree planting companies that have been researching alternative solutions for urban work, look no further than the experts at Treebuilders and their revolutionary bioretention system designs. The intricate infrastructure and underground utilities present in urban areas make it difficult for trees and other greenery to thrive to their fullest potential in such an environment. Trees die when their roots have insufficient room to grow, or when their water supply is insufficient to sustain them. Unfettered root growth may also lead to damaged pavements. Beyond the issues in cultivating greenery in an urban space, storm water management must also be considered. After all, massive concrete does not absorb and disperse water in the manner that regular soil would. In order to solve this problem, we must again look to ecological innovations.

How can we solve these problems?

By working with experts such as those at Treebuilders, tree planting companies gain access to highly advanced solutions such as the bioretention system. Beyond these innovative designs, Treebuilders can provide many more tailor-made solutions to enhance water and tree management in urban spaces. An excellent example is their pressure system for increasing root growth volume; the sandwich construction. This bioretention system design variant ensures healthy trees, while minimizing or eliminating pavement or road buckling. Tree planting companies can new easily deploy advanced solutions such as a bioretention system, allowing trees not just to survive but thrive among local infrastructure and utilities. That is the promise of a green future, ensured by innovation.

Get in touch with the subject matter experts

Treebuilders is your partner for innovative urban forestry solutions. Their bioretention system designs are some of the best currently available on the market, solving storm water runoff problems in a flash while ensuring the health of your planted greenery. If you would like to receive more information about the solutions that they offer, contact their experts today. Highly knowledgeable and eager to help, they will quickly and effectively formulate a solution for your tree planting problem.