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Learn more about innovative firelighters manufacturers such as this company

There are many firelighters manufacturers which offer a wide range of fire-related products, but Fire-Up International is absolutely the company you need. They are one of a few international firelighter manufacturers with no less than 30 years of experience in the field of fire-related products. And you will notice that the quality of their products represent this experience. As a specialist in private labels, they export all over the world. Moreover, they have recently invested in a brand-new production site, including an innovative production line and complementary packaging lines. It is truly state of the art production and packaging machinery.

Products which make the environment more liveable

Fire-Up International is also one of the most professional and up-to-date firelighters manufacturers of ecological, sustainable products. For more than 30 years, their team has closely worked together to offer the best products and to serve the fast moving consumer goods market. They have a wide product range; from firelighters to charcoal, briquettes and more. Thanks to this fire-related products specialist, starting a hearth fire or lighting the barbecue is, easy, safe for the human environment and most importantly eco-friendly. The products that are offered by Fire-Up International are made from 100% renewable biological materials. With this special quality, they invest in making an important ecological difference and it places this company, among all the other manufacturers, at the forefront of the green firelighters supply.

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Their CO2-neutral status makes this firelighter manufacturer unique in the market. It has distributed its products to supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centers all over the world. Your store can offer eco-friendly fire-related products as well and can contribute to creating a better environment. Moreover, besides of the high-quality products they offer to their customers, they promise a great service and communication. In this way, they guarantee a mutual benefit in the production of fire-related products. Of course, they are happy to answer all your questions about their way of working.