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Hydrophore water pumps

Water pumps are an important part in every irrigation system. Do you choose an electric pressurized water for groundwater or would you rather buy a manual water pump? Comparing all water pumps helps buy best water well online.


Electric pump (pump on current)

The most common is a water pump on current, this water pressure is available in different versions, depending on capacity and application. Some examples:

– Water pump on 230 volt power supply

– Pump on power current 380 volts

– Water pump on low-voltage 12 volt

– Solar water pump (Best Solar panels Website)

When using an electric pump, be sure to work with direct current or alternating current in addition to the correct voltage. Indicate that it must be suitable for irrigation of water. A self-priming water pump is not always self-evident, pay attention when purchasing a new pump.


Water pump without power

Choosing a water pump without electricity can for various reasons. Some advantages of a hand pump are:

– A hand pump is reliable

– Pump without power is less susceptible to interference

– You do not need any power supply, so ideal in places without mains voltage

– This is how you make a sustainable 100% natural source

Pay attention; a hand pump also requires periodic maintenance; a good quality hand pump lasts for years. Of course, you only have irrigation water when performing muscle power.


The name hydrophore has already fallen several times, the explanation for pressurized water is a water pump with accumulating capacities, often fitted with a non-return valve. There is a circuit on the pressurized water system that regulates the minimum and maximum pressure. The hydrophore starts at the minimum required water pressure and stops when the maximum required pressure is reached. A hydrophore is present in high buildings (flats), and a hydrophore pump can also be present in more complex irrigation systems.


If you want the solution for your lawn irrigation by using ground water, you can use a grundfus water pump.