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How to buy the right Squash Rackets online | Quality Squash Stores

Buy squash racket

On this page you can find the full range of rackets from Quality Squash Stores. The provider of squash rackets for recreational and advanced players in the Netherlands and Belgium. We have an outstanding racket for every level. In addition, we also sell squash clothing, squash shoes, squash balls and squash accessories.

We sell squash rackets from the Eye, Oliver, Saxon, Grays, Kean, Ashaway and Salming brands. Many of these rackets are internationally known and are supported by many of today’s top players in the world. Examples of this are: Simon Rösner (Oliver) Karim Gawad & Paul Coll (Eye) Max Lee (Salming) Do you need help choosing the ideal racket that fits your playing style? Send us a message via the chat box and we will help you immediately!

Buy the right squash racket

To buy the right squash racket you can go through the following steps. These steps are mainly focused on the weight of the racket, the shape, the balance and the blade size. It is also important to involve your playing style in this. For a faster playing style, for example, a lighter racket is usually recommended. Your playing style Important when buying your ideal squash racket is: What do you want to achieve with it? If your playing style is based on hitting many drives and keeping your opponent under pressure, we would recommend an accurate racket that is slightly heavier. If your playing style is based on playing a varied game with a high tempo, we would recommend a lighter racket. With a lighter racket it is often also drop-shaped.

You can contact us with all your questions about which racket fits best with your playing style. The weight of the racket The weight of the racket plays a huge role in the way it influences your game. Usually rackets are between 100 and 200 grams, most of which are closer to 100 grams. The rackets that are designed for recreational users are often made of aluminum and slightly heavier. This makes it relatively easy for the player to hit hard and to control the stroke smoothly. The rackets are becoming lighter for advanced players. The idea behind this is that the game of advanced is faster. The players must therefore be able to maneuver the racket faster and get it in the right positions. It is always the challenge for the manufacturers of these rackets to make a racket that is as light as possible in combination with as much power as possible.