Employ toxicologic pathology to prevent the contamination of food sources


It is no easy feat to provide food for our planet’s entire population, especially as this population keeps growing. Bad harvests, unexpected weather conditions, insect plagues, all reasons that can easily cause famines all over the world. And what about the food that actually does reach the consumer? There are many examples of insecticides and other volatile chemicals which are meant to protect the food supply, but end up damaging the environment and the people as bad as the plagues they were meant to protect us from. Which is where a Dutch based, independent laboratory named Global Pathology Support makes its entrance. The chief pathologist is a heavyweight in the field of toxicologic pathology and has the expertise and credentials to properly research your product before you release it to the market.

Overcome the risk of distorted research results by adopting toxicologic pathology techniques

Pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturers have been required to have their products tested with regards to safety and side-effects for many years now. So, why is history littered with companies that went bust because their products turned out to be highly toxic or otherwise damaging to public health and the environment? Partly because the conventional toxicology studies are not always sufficient in adequately determining health risks. As a matter of fact, close to 30% of human toxicity levels are not predicted by conventional studies. Be safe and keep the rest of us safe by employing an independent expert in the field of toxicologic pathology. Employ an expert such as Dr. Bob Thoolen, owner and chief pathologist at Global Pathology Support. Inquire today, be safe later.

Toxicologic pathology as a pre-check before mass producing new pharmaceuticals

When developing a new pharmaceutical, it has to comply with all the relevant regulations and legislature. As a producer, the last thing you want is to release a product too early. If new pharmaceuticals turn out to be carcinogenic after being released for instance, public outrage and the following political backlash will be severe, and rightfully so! Toxicologic pathology can be seen as a pre-check for the mass production and distribution of new pharmaceuticals. But who has the necessary credentials, experience and equipment? Welcome to Global Pathology Support in the Netherlands. Your address for testing your new product for side-effects, proper dosage and overall safety.