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A solution for calcium deficiency in dairy cows

One of the solutions for reducing calcium deficiency in dairy cows is to use anionic salts like KatAn®. A high quality product of Kimtec International which consists of anionic salts. This product is developed to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows after calving. During calving the calcium demand of a dairy cow increases rapidly. Especially in older cows, this can cause milk fever. This is a severe calcium deficiency within 24 hours. KatAn® reduces calcium shortage after calving. This way milk fever can be treated or prevented and your cattle can thrive in producing milk again.

Cattle feed supplements can help the calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Kimtec International has had many years of research and development in the prevention of milk fever in dairy cows. KatAn® was developed based on all the scientific data gathered to improve cattle animal health. This in turn reduces medical costs and improves the wellbeing of your cattle. The products are produced under high quality control standards such as HACCP and GMP to ensure a high quality. Kimtec International is based in The Netherlands but is represented and ships worldwide. They can assist you with every specific cattle feed supplement requirement necessary to help your animals to thrive.

Customize the feeding product to help prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows

Kimtec International provides the possibility to customize your feeding supplements to your liking. They understand that with years of experience in creating various supplementations and coating techniques, when it comes to feeding your animals your personal preferences are still important. With their broad knowledge through years of R&D, they are flexible in adjusting and customizing. The company is open to customize the product and discussing all the options with you. Do not hesitate to contact them about these options or other questions you might have.